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Friday, April 3, 2015

My first & best road trip ever

I went to the south padre island where is located in Texas and is nearly the border between Mexico and the United State for my spring break with my roommates and their friend. That was my first time to go on the road trip. Technically, they took me to go there because I’m not allowed to drive a car as an exchange student… Anyway, we headed there at midnight from Fort Smith. It was supposed to take around 12 hours, but for some reason it took about 16 hours to go there… it tired us so much, we just played the sign game stuff forever. Nevertheless, once we got arrived there, the island was so warm and it looked sort of the resort island. We couldn’t believe we are still in the United State.

We had lots of fun at the beach and Kayaking stuff. The best thing about this trip is definitely Surfing. That was much easier than I thought... Unfortunately, the instructor didn’t took a great picture of mine.  You guys gotta try this, maybe everyone can do that easily.

Have you ever seen such a blue one? I just found it at the beach and took a picture. I didn’t know what it is. When I went back here and googled it, I realized that it was a jellyfish and called Physalia Physalis which has a strong poison. It has killed some people. So it is really dangerous for people. My friend touched it and picked it up because she didn’t even know what it was…. She almost committed suicide!! I’m glad that she didn’t get any damage from it… if you find such a thing, don’t touch it!

We went to the Japanese Restaurant but there were no Japanese… only me. The staffs were Vietnamese, Chinese and American…it happened all the time. Anyway, we ordered some Japanese food, sushi, teriyaki stuff like that. Meanwhile, my friends asked lots of questions for me “what is miso soup? What is Wasabi? What is orange raw fish?” They were curious about everything. I tried to explain as much as I can and it was pretty hard to explain clearly. Also I taught them how to use chopsticks as well. We had such a great time to talk about Japanese culture and enjoyed Japanese food.

One of my roommates was not familiar with “Wasabi” which is green Japanese mustard (you can see the above picture). We just tricked her and said ‘‘you gotta try this one! Eat only wasabi! It is really good!’’ As she ate only Wasabi, she screamed a lot and almost cried… I cannot even eat only Wasabi. If you have never tried ‘‘wasabi’’, you should put it on sushi and eat together.

One more thing, “Sushi roll” is so famous in America but we don’t have any kind like “sushi roll” in Japan. So “sushi roll” is not Japanese culture but American culture. As for me, I do love it and I wish we had “sushi rolls” in Japan. We always have Nigiri (basic sushi) and basically, 2 pieces of Nigiri sushi cost only 1 dollar. It is much cheaper than the United States.

Lastly, I will never forget this road trip. That is my best trip what I ever had in my studying abroad.

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