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Friday, February 6, 2015

My culture shock in winter break

As for my winter vacation, I went to Florida, Las Vegas, Arizona and Cancun. You know I’m already broke but this vacation became unforgotten trip for me.
 I won’t be able to explain everything. So I’d like to describe roughly my culture shock during my winter break.
 Thanks my mom, Latasha and Beau Before starting the winter vacation, my mom came to Fort Smith from Japan and had dinner with my buddy Latasha. I was pretty afraid if she can make it safely because she cannot speak English at all. All she said to Latasha were THANK YOU and SORRY, that’s it… So I tried to translate what American people say for her. As for dinner, Latasha cooked Mexican and Venezuelan food for us. That was so yum and we liked them so much. All because of them, we could have a great time in Arkansas. I really appreciate Latasha and Beau.

【The worst celebration on New Year ’s Day ever.
I arrived at the Cancun on 31st December. I went there with my friend who comes from New Mexico in the United State. Her name is Moe and she is also exchange student. We thought it should be nice celebration in Cancun... but not gonna happen that. At 11:50 we went to the Downtown area and waited for the celebration. However, nobody celebrated at 0:00 on 1st January 2015… they didn’t care about new years at all…what happen was that the clock of the building is just broken… oh my goodness. Everyone finally celebrated at 0:05. It had nothing to do with New York year anymore though. That is my culture shock about time value in the winter break

How sweet Mexican are
To compare with Japanese, I personally thought that Mexican people were so sweet and talked to us for many times. So we could go anywhere without tours. That became much cheaper than I thought. Also one of my favorites in Cancun is definitely snorkel because there are lots of senotes (showing photos blow) and spots. And any beach was awesome and the best ever for me….

How important Language is                
 I had kind of confident to get over everything because I can speak English, but not gonna be easy to spend in Cancun without Spanish. Even thought Cancun, almost all Mexican couldn’t speak English. I was struggling with the most is that I could not speak Spanish at all. Also it was kind of funny because whenever we communicated with them, we tried to use the gestures somehow from fingers to body. We were so desperate to tell them what we wanted... By the way, it was pretty hard for me to plan our schedules because my friend did not help at all. We had a great time in Cancun freely for a week.