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Friday, May 8, 2015

Faculty of the Year

UAFS International Leadership Council President Jack Bui presented “Faculty of the Year” award to Dr. Erik Carlson. BIG congratulations to Dr. Carlson, and we thank him for his excellent academic support for UAFS International Students!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Finally, we met new friends!

    Mount Magazine Trip was held in this semester as well. We have this trip twice in a year, or fall and spring semester. This time we went with international students from Arkansas Tech University. We have wanted an opportunity to get in touch with international friends from another university, and finally we had the chance! I feel like it was a dream come true.
    We split into groups first, then introduced each other and played games. It was really fun.
In the afternoon, we enjoyed hiking. Mount Magazine is the tallest mountain in the state of Arkansas. The scene from the top of the mountain is beautiful. You can see magnificent nature and feel it with your body and mind. We were a little bit tired, but the hiking made us feel closer as a group.
    We will continue to seek out opportunities to make new international friends at other universities.